Zoila P. Carrion



 I am experienced teaching in elementary public schools in Southern California; I have taught both primary and upper elementary grades to English language learners of different backgrounds. I am also experienced in parental involvement. I consider that parents' participation in their children’s education is pivotal for the overall success of young learners. I have taught English as a Second language classes in a community college and in an occupational center; teaching adults poses different challenges but they are equally rewarding.

 My academic background includes a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics with ESL concentration; a Master of Arts in Education with concentration in Language and Literacy, and a Clear Specialist Instruction Credential in Reading. I also hold a Certificate as Teacher of English as a Second language. 

 I have published the Master Thesis: “Together/Juntos: Parents as Partners in Education”; I’ve participated in numerous professional developments, congresses, symposiums, and other professional gatherings both as a attendee and as a presenter at local and regional level. Internationally, I’ve been a presenter in the " X Latin-American Congress of Reading and Writing" (2009); and a Panelist in the "V Encounter of the Centro Andino de Excelencia para la Capacitación de Maestros", Lima - Peru(2009).

 I consider the practice of teaching a renewing cycle between learning and teaching, thus I coincide with Freire's belief:


 "…the practice of critical teaching…involves the dynamic and dialectical movement between "doing" and  "reflecting on doing" ...to teach is not to transfer knowledge but to create the possibilities for the construction of knowledge."


           ~ Paulo Freire (1994)

               - The Philosophy of Freedom